Thursday, 6 May 2010

Who Will It Be??

For somebody who is pretty much apolitical, I am quite enjoying the UK's general election. Well, I'm enjoying Channel 4's Alternative Election Night if that counts...!

I also liked seeing Tyrrell's Crisps election special flavours in Selfridges today: Cameron's Crunchies "Eton Mess", Clegg's Cocktail "Roasted Veg & Hummus" and Gordon's Gourmet "Scotch Egg & Brown Sauce". I also had the pleasure of meeting the top man at Tyrrell's who was very interested to hear about my favourite flavour which is usually a Valentine's Day special edition but should really be available all year round.

So, the polling stations have now closed and the fate of the nation has been decided. So who will it be?? I won't be staying up all night to find out as I need all the sleep I can get at the moment and the morning will come all to soon!

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, technical issues (lack of laptop) and time have been against me, but I do hope to make amends as I have been eating and photographing as much as I can and have plenty of things that I would like to share with you. :D


  1. Great to see you back! I've missed your posts. LOVE these crisps, great fun - I like anything topical like this. Look forward to your posts to come. Hope you're well. Lucie x

  2. Thank you Lucie! I've been really inspired by your recent posts and want to try so many of those recipes! x

  3. Bless you - Thanks Lisa. I have plugged your blog on Twitter tonight - hope that is ok! Also if you fancied joining the UK Food Bloggers Assoc then I have recently joined and it's been really useful ( I've also received some lovely goodies to try via the assoc!) Please don't feel obliged or anything, but I thought I would pass the word on to you. x

  4. Thanks Lucie - have signed up! And thanks for the plug! :D x