Sunday, 9 May 2010

Detox and a Chocolate Cake...

The last few weeks have seen my weight creeping up due to lack of exercise and a fair bit of comfort eating.  It was definitely time to kick start a more healthy way of eating and the best way for me is to have a mini detox.  But, the weekends are the perfect time to do some baking so I got the cake making out of the way on Friday and swiftly delivered it to my parents on Saturday!

The recipe is a delicious one: Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake from Nigella's Feast.  Now, I hadn't made a proper chocolate cake for quite some time, and I hadn't attempted this one before.  I chose it because it was going to use up the carton of sour cream I had in the fridge that was fast approaching its sell-by date.  I couldn't have chosen an easier recipe as both the cake and the icing can be whizzed in the food processor, saving lots of kitchen mess and washing up.  I really loved Nigella's suggestion of placing four strips of greaseproof paper under the cake before icing it, as once you remove them you have a lovely clean plate with not a splodge of icing in sight (well almost!).

The recipe can be found here:

And here is my cake being assembled:

The cake went down very well with everyone, it was light, moist and very chocolatey!  Definitely one to make again, and next time I'll find some pretty sugar flowers for decoration.

So, even more reason to detox today and keep me away from the cake!

Breakfast comprised a hot water with fresh lemon slices, followed by a blueberry smoothie* made with almond milk and ground flaxseeds and my mid-morning snack was a handful of natural almonds. By lunchtime I was ravenous and had a HUGE bowl of delicious watercress soup which I made after being inspired by Lucie over at Cooking at Marystow.  I didn't add the milk as I am trying to be dairy-free this week, and I added a handful of freshly chopped chives, parsley, oregano and basil - delicious and healthy!

To keep my mind off food (unsuccesfully!) I kept busy with housework, sorting out clothes and ebaying.

Mid-afternoon I made a refreshing drink, blitzing half a peeled cucumber in the blender with some fresh lime, basil leaves and apple juice and served it over ice*.

And finally, it was dinner time!  Wanting to use up vegetables but also add some protein, I made up a big pot of this delicious mediterranean bean stew which I found over at  I halved the recipe, substituted carrots for the red pepper, passata for the tinned tomatoes, and topped it with some freshly made basil and oregano pesto.

*My new favourite website is which is beautifully written by Gwyneth Paltrow, very inspiring and great for healthy recipes including the smoothie and cucumber drink. 


  1. Way to go Lisa! These detox recipes are wonderful - I love the look of the stew. So pleased you tried the soup - thank so much for the mention. The chocolate cake does look so good, I have been meaning to try this for ages. You have done brilliantly with the detox, I know how hard it is, I battle with my weight (who doesn't hey!) Keep going hun xx

  2. I love Nigella's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, have baked it many times and it's gorgeous. Yours turned out lovely!

    I can totally relate about having piled on a few lbs and am currently doing WW. Well done on the detox.


  3. Lisa, I have plugged your blog on Twitter tonight - hope that is ok! Also if you fancied joining the UK Food Bloggers Assoc then I have recently joined and it's been really useful ( I've also received some lovely goodies to try via the assoc!) Please don't feel obliged or anything, but I thought I would pass the word on to you x

  4. Thank you both for your words of encouragement! It's so hard to be good when you love food isn't it?! x

    And thank you Lucie for the plug :D and the recommendation - I will definitely look at that! X

  5. Lisa, great detox food (although I have to admit I'd have to sneak a slice of the chocolate cake in there!!)

  6. Wonderful looking chocolate cake. It has been on my list to bake for a long time now, but have never yet managed to make it. So hard to be good when cake is so delicious!

  7. The cake looks lush, Pity my food processor went up in smoke. Nice tip about the greaseproof paper though and you did a lovely good with the icing. The bean stew sound gorgeous, but I would surely spoil the whole effect by having it with crusty bread, spread with butter. I should know better. i really need to lose weight after having my baby, but can't seem to get motivated. I just enjoy food too much *sigh*