Friday, 30 January 2009

happy birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday and i'm stuck at work... so i thought i would cheer myself with a virtual cupcake and a cup of tea!

I don't mind too much as it IS friday (yay!) and my family are planning a birthday feast for me tonight. Not exactly sure what is on the menu but my Dad has hijacked my sister's copy of Casa Moro and i know one of their ice cream recipes will be making an appearance. Yum!

Even though it won't be any of my own work, i will take plenty of pics and post all the details on here tomorrow. Watch this space!


  1. Happy birthday! Your website always makes me so hungry. Now I really want a cupcake. Right now.

  2. My oh my! Just started following you. And you have been following me for a while. Found you on
    My birthday is 31st January. Also.... I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Love Sal. xx

  3. Thank you Sal! Lovely to have you on board. And a fellow Aquarian! I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO! xx