Wednesday, 7 January 2009

unbake that cake

Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new kitchen blog. Without a doubt there will be kitchens, food, wine, cocktails and when i feel the urge I will natter (see no actual bitching... sorry!) about my running attempts and my keen interest in photography and interiors! Watch this space!
To celebrate my arrival, here is a "sushi" carrot cake for everyone to share!!!


  1. I love that Sushi cake!!!

  2. Hello and thank you!! I can't take credit for it unfortunately but my own "creations" will appear soon!

  3. Welcome to blogland!!
    I'm looking forward to some yummy scrummy mouth watering posts!

    Mr G.x

  4. Thank you Mr G! Really glad you like it! :)
    Still got a few finishing touches to make and then the cooking will begin! x

  5. ooh How lovely! Just what I need - another fab blog to distract me! I will be bookmarking this one.

    Fab sushi cake too, makes me want sushi, and cake!

  6. Thank you K! Lovely to see you!

  7. Congrats on your new born blog!
    Look forward to following it!
    Peta xx

  8. Grazie Peta! I will have to make sure my pasta recipes are up to scratch!

  9. Yummy, you mare making me so hungry! I love that sushi cake. I'm getting married this summer and I would love to have a unique cake like that. If it were up to my sweetie, we would just have pie. pie.