Monday, 26 October 2009

Weekend Eats

After a busy weekend of eating, I need a rest and a detox. Mine started on Thursday evening, when I was invited to the launch of the Natural Beauty Yearbook 2010 at Neal's Yard Remedies on the Kings Road in Chelsea. My brother (hey Dom) had invited me to take photos for his company and my reward was being able to drink organic wine, eat delicious canapes and take home a Neal's Yard Remedies goodie bag. Of course I couldn't resist taking some pics of the food too...

My brother

Friday, I managed to "work" from home... Now, I don't normally make banana bread, chicken and cashew nut curry and do my food shopping whilst "at" work, but who was to know as long as I was answering e-mails and being available if anyone needed me on the phone?

The weekend then continued with a trip to Tunbridge Wells to see Amor Flamenco, a fantastic show, far removed from the tourist shows seen on the Spanish Costas. The atmosphere was more that of a late night Spanish bar, with earthy gypsy singing, two fantastic Spanish guitarrists, and two dancers who all put on a fantastic performance. The talent behind the show is Ana, who is a brilliant flamenco dance teacher (I have lessons with her but have a very long way to go!).

Saturday was spent in a rainy Brighton, where my sister Sarah and I went from having delicious coffees at Coffee@33, to brunch at Bill's Produce Store, and then on to a couple of shops just to show willing. Anxious to get home as I had left a curry simmering in the slow cooker, I then had to get me, my flat and dinner ready for my siblings and their spouses, all in time to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

On the menu was slow-cooked lamb rogan josh, chicken and cashew nut curry and a very quick prawn and mango curry, all served with rice. Dessert was my current favourite "margarita" ice-cream which finished the evening off nicely. We then all took it turns falling asleep whilst watching Robbie Williams on the Electric Proms. This was no reflection on his performance, which was great, but more due to the consumption of food and wine...

Sunday was a little more relaxing, enjoying coffee and chocolate & banana bread at Dom's whilst deciding on Christmas menus, then home to make the Christmas chutney from Nigella's Christmas. This wasn't quite as succesful as the cranberry & apple chutney, as it seemed to stay quite runny. I decided to turn up the heat, only to then burn the bottom of the pan... (ok, so I got distracted signing up for Twitter). I think I managed to salvage it, but only time will tell. I'll post the recipe, but if you want an easy life, stick with the other chutney recipe!

The weekend finished with a Chinese takeaway with my friend Suz, and a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy (who can resist a weekly fix of McDreamy...?)

So, excuse me while I have a food rest and prepare for next weekend which will be spent in Stockholm. If anyone has any suggestions for places to see and things to eat, please let me know.

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