Saturday, 30 January 2010


I have been absent for far too long, and need to make amends. There was lots to talk about in December but no time to write it down! January, until this weekend, has pretty much been a month of eating healthily, not going out much and training for a half marathon. But today was my Birthday (can't mention the number out loud) so time to enjoy myself!

Today has been brilliant, starting off with a short run to blow away the cobwebs, in freezing conditions and a light sprinkling of snow on the ground, but the sun was shining and it was lovely to get out there. After a lovely hot shower and a modest breakfast came a trip to London with good friend Suzanne, who had bought me a ticket to see The Misanthrope with Damian Lewis, Keira Knightly and Tara Fitzgerald.

We started off with the most amazing brunch at The Wolseley on Piccadilly (sorry, no photos allowed), then shopping in one of my favourite stores, Anthropologie, which almost made us late for the theatre! The play was fantastic, and an absolute "must see" especially for anyone who studied the original version for A level French like us!

There was even time for margaritas and nachos after the show - the perfect end to a perfect day!

More celebrations tomorrow to look forward to, with lunch at family favourite The Cuckoo, and drinks with the girls in the evening. More on all of that to follow.

I may have missed my blog's first anniversary which was earlier this month, but it's lovely to be back!


  1. Welcome back honey and happy belated birthday!!! I've made your winter vegetable and chorizo broth more times than I care to mention now, including for dinner last night! xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! Good to have you back, I have missed your posts. Hope you had a good Christmas. Sounds like you have had a healthy start to the year, good for you - well done with all the running. Sounds like you had a lovely time in the London - I have been to the Wolseley - it's fab. You have made me want to go to London now! Hope to see you back here soon. Lucie x

  3. Happy belated birthday and blogday! I would love to have breakfast at the Wolseley - what did you have?

  4. Good to see you back again. Happy Birthday. I did the Misanthrope for French A-level too, but London is a little far to go. Do tell about Brunch at the Wolseley.

  5. EEK! 2 months since my last post. So sorry, I must make amends. Thank you for your lovely comments, brunch at the Wolseley was fantastic. I had a lovely glass of champagne and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs - absolutely delicious. The sign saying no photos was probably to protect any celebs rather than their food secrets so I'll take my camera next time! My friend Suz had eggs benedict - she gave top marks. The whole experience was amazing, brilliant for people watching and efficient but friendly service. Book in advance if you can, but don't be put off if they are fully booked as they will always try to fit you in, especially if you say you need to be quick!